Evening Four – My First Error Message! Let’s Repeat The Material Tutorial



Well then, here is hoping I didn’t lose too much progress!


it seems like the flooring and the ceiling failed to save, but the walls still have a material attatched. Right. lets see how long it’ll take me to fix this again.

Looks like the last save remembered the changes I made to one of the Materials though… I didn;t share this befoe, but this was actually kind of interesting. I Had to create a texture box by holding T, for some reason, one had a D at the end of the file name (I forgot what this meant) And the other had an N at the end of its name (Meanign Normal Map). I’m not too sure what this all means just yet. I need to replay though this again probably


There is going to be a lot of thigns that won’t quite make sense for me. In time I’ll get used to it but we shall see.

I rememebrd to use Right click while in the edit mode of the material to actually add a tectuecoordinator. This helps with stopping the material from looking so much like a tileset to the player. This was done by adjusting the UV (Of which I don;t know what it stands for!)


Adjusting the Texture Coordinates changes the tiling options so it creates a larger image. but you can see the difference in the screenshot below:


Decided to open up one of Unreals previously created Material and wow… There’s a lot here…


Right, everything was remembered by memory! Decided to save everything tonight and spend some time to chill out and relax. A bit of an off day today, but I think the more you rush yourself, the easier it will be to forget what you had learned. so about 30 minutes repeating yesterdays steps without the use of the tutorial is probably stilla  productive day.



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