Using The Drag & Drop System Part 1

Here is today’s video:

Important observations are to follow correct naming conventions. It may also be wise to avoid capitalisation!

spr = Sprite
obj = Object

A very brief description of events below…

Early understanding of objects

First bit of work done, I made a circle move to the right when using key down right… and jump to point

Move to the right

Moving onto Step events. which seem to happen every single frame that passes in game. Previously, I worked with titles that used this to help with jumping, and it led to some issues whereby a player would jump ridiculously high on low end machines with lower FPS.

In order to make this object rotate, it seems that we can actually type not just numbers into the x & Y input field, but also type words in aswell. GamMaker will show a list of codes  to try and figure out what we are trying to do.

follow mouse

Was able to make the sprite shoot and change direction of the bullets!


At the end of this tutorial, the project looks quite satisfying. Though I need to research variables more!

Variable Added


Sprites Objects And Rooms (GMS2.0)

So, I’ll be sharing the videos that I’ll be watching to learn development. If you are inclined to follow along, then great! First we’ll be goping through the tutorials on GameMaker Studio 2.0’s website. Here is the first video:

The video details that there are three core building blocks which include the following key resources.

Sprites =  player objects, enemies, background or effects. Can also be animated. Can be imported but also created from inside the game makers image editor.

Objects = Control interactivity and logic of the game (This is a confusing term!). Objects can be controlled using event and actions.  You can use drag and drop style buttons to control a series of game logic.

Rooms = used to bring all the resources of your game to create a game world. used to create a finished package, at least one game room must be created to make the game run.

I need to get into the mindset that Objects in development are not items, but instead control the interactivity or logic. This will be difficult!

So that’s the first video down! Onwards to the next!

Learning Development With GameMaker Studio 2.0

Hello everyone!

It’s an exciting day, as today I’ll be beginning my first step into video games development. In the past I have tinkered with creating a rolling ball in Unity, making a frogger clone in Flash and a scene in Unreal Engine which involved a robot mannequin walking around a room.

I have had difficulty focusing on development in the past. I spend several hours a day driving, I have a full time job and I have my first child on the way. All of these things reduce the free time that I have to create and I often spend my free time with my partner watching television or playing games.

I really enjoy creating, but my background is in video production. However it is very difficult to gain traction in such a competitive market. If you’re not creating regular content, it can be very difficult to keep yourself relevant. In my mind, I feel that video games development favours those who take time to refine and polish. We’ve seen great games release which have had years of development release to some critical acclaim.

By no means am I expecting to become successful, but I know that if I create something in video games development, there’s a crescendo. Whereas any sort of video I produce if not regular enough will be trickling out with very little feedback from the community.

Over the next few months I will begin my journey into video game development by learning the basics of GameMaker Studio 2.0. My only experience with the engine is working as a producer for Circuit Breakers.

I do have several ideas for games which I’ve shared with a few development friends, but I suspect it will take many years before I build up the experience to begin creating something myself. If you work within the games industry and have any feedback that would be able to assist me, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Here’s hoping in the coming years I can create something that is at the very least slightly enjoyable!